A Century of Salisbury & District on Film

Salisbury District Council/Windrose RMT

A Century of Salisbury & District on Film - Oak Apple Day

Windrose Rural Media Trust produced its first DVD of old films from the Salisbury and south Wiltshire, entitled “A Century of Salisbury and District On Film”.

Launched before a full audience at the Playhouse, it immediately proved how archive films of local life can fascinate and entertain. That DVD is still available and includes films and memories covering:

Salisbury Band of Hope 1921

The Salisbury Giant 1927 to 1977

Flying at High Post 1935

Farming at Zeals 1930s

Life in Mere 1950s

Whaddon Brickworks 1960’s

V.E. Day in Salisbury 1945

Salisbury Coronation celebrations 1953

Building of Salisbury ring road 1960s

Oak Apple Day in Wishford 1950s

Salisbury livestock market and fair 1930s